Thursday, April 2, 2009

One more push

I feel like I'm about to birth a child, doing this DVD. I had challenges yesterday with dupilicating vs. reproducing. Who knew there was a difference?
But yesterday was my wedding anniversary and it was nice to relax with my husband and have a nice meal, reconnect. He's also about to give birth, to his first book. Generous Fiction will come out in a few weeks and it's the anti-poetry, poetry book, more on that later.

I was speaking with a yoga friend the other day about awkward massage experiences and bodily functions, etc. I have to tell anyone that gets a massage, passing gas is normal. It happens and we're used to it. We also don't judge you on how your body looks. If you've been holding off getting a massage because you think you are too big, too lumpy, too hairy. You know what? We don't look at people in that way. Get your massage! Relax those muscles and treat yourselves to some healing! And do something to help get more comfortable in your body. Love yourself!!!

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