Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Opportunity knocks

I was massaging a gal today that is about to start her Freshman year at MIT. I could hear both her excitement and trepidation as she breathlessly told me about choosing dorm rooms and how after the first week you move so you can't really unpack anything. I asked her if she knew anyone else attending and she answered "Only the 4 or 5 people she met when she was there for the tour."
I remembered how that all felt. The fierce desire to leave home, explore new things and meet new people and that terror of who will do my laundry and what if I need a hug from my dad? And I thought about how she has the rest of her life poised in front of her. And then I realized...we all do. I might not be moving across country (as I did already once) and I'm not starting a new school (as I did already once) but with every choice we make in life there is both fear and excitement.
A new business, a new investment, a relationship. Everything we do is like that first day of Freshman year, scary and invigorating all at the same time. And now I know that with change comes growth. And though I know the laundry will get done and I still don't get enough hugs from my dad in Pittsburgh that my life is constantly unfolding before me. And thank god I'm not a Freshman in college anymore!